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Level 1 Safe Handling of Medication

The Level 1 Safe Handling of Medication course is for all staff who may come into contact with medication during their work, or have responsibility for administration of medication. This may include staff that collect prescriptions, return unused medication, or simply assist people who self medicate.

All training is designed and delivered to inspire good, safe practice and to positively encourage active participation. In order to provide training that meets the organisation's standards a copy of the Companies Medication Policy and MAR sheet may be required.

All our trainers are occupationally competent and qualified with a wide range of experience and references are available on request. This is not designed as a pharmacology course, it is directed at the Safe Administration of Medicines.

Course Content

- Introduction to Medicines and Prescriptions
- Medicines Supply, Storage and Disposal
- The Safe Administration of Medicines
- Quality Control and Record Keeping
- Accountability, Responsibility and Confidentiality

Course Details

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