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Manual Handling

Manual Handling

Safer Handling of Wheelchairs

In addition to manual handling training there is often a need to provide specialised training whilst using wheelchairs. All wheelchairs should assessed for suitability to the client and staff should be trained in the safe use

Candidates are assessed on both retained knowledge and practical application, and are required to meet a set standard in order for a certificate to be issued.

Course Content

- Relevant Legislation (MHOR 1993, LOLER and PUWER)
- Safe handling of the wheelchair
- Sit to stand technique
- Examples of the risks and risk reduction
measures that should be considered when carrying out a risk assessment for work activities involving the use of wheelchairs.
- Practical advice and guidance on the safe use of manual and electrically powered wheelchairs
- Information on the appropriate manual handling requirements
- Advice on appropriate maintenance and pre use checks
- Advice and procedures surrounding transportation
- Information on the risk assessment requirements.

Course Details

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